Here's the short list of reasons why you'll find being a special guest at a beauty ritual escape party beneficial:

if you are actively looking for ways to improve or enhance your beauty and wellness through holistic based methods.

if you are a spa goer and would like to know more about the ingredients, history, and cultural beliefs associated with some of the spa treatments you have received or are thinking of experiencing.

if you work in the spa, holistic or beauty fields.

if you are ill and would like to investigate diverse ways to help yourself heal.

if you and/or your friends are tired of doing the same thing everytime you go out.

if you have an interest in other cultures.

if you're going on a vacation and would like to learn something about the holistic beauty and traditions of the culture you are visiting.

if you practice yoga and would like to know more about ancient Indian culture, and its other holistic beliefs and practices.

if you want an opportunity to make new friends while learning about things that can enhance your wellbeing.

if you just like to do different, interesting and fun things.

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