Today, many people want to return to holistic lifestyles of the past, when rituals and traditions were simple, pure and spiritual. This trend presents a great opportunity for any business that can specialize or offer products and spa treatments related to ancient holistic beauty rituals and wellness traditions from around the world.

At Beauty Rituals International we provide spa, retail and beauty organizations with a comprehensive and industry focused resource in the education of indigenous holistic skincare ingredients and products, spa treatments, beauty rituals and wellness traditions from ancient cultures around the world.

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Spa experts agree it is the combination of strong retail sales and service treatments that makes for a successful spa business. Ideally, a spa should strive for:

  • A service-to-retail ratio of 45%-50%, especially for facial services. The trick is to sell two retail items per service.

  • Products that are packaged and promoted to satisfy home-use needs. Spa clients are very interested in using spa products at home. Try to promote half-day packages instead of full day packages. Half-day spa clients purchase 15% to 35% more home care items than full day customers.

  • Delivering a complete spa experience, which includes spa treatments and products, information about ingredients used during the spa experience, and if applicable, information associated with the cultural beauty rituals and traditions associated with the service or product. This will captivate the client while in the spa, and lead to more requests for continuing the experience(s) at home.

  • Set up a home spa care section and have a knowledgeable sales rep promote the products and the story of how they are used in the culture they represent.

  • Set up a compelling beauty ritual display that has a story. It should include a variety of products along with skincare. Example: cultural symbols, incense, candles, stones etc., all connected with a specific culture and its holistic beauty-wellness traditions.

  • Let us help you setup the above displays. We will suggest products that will provide your customers with a culturally authentic and well rounded, holistic beauty-wellness experience.

Education is a key component to selling retail. Can you answer "yes" to all of these questions? If so, then GREAT! If not, then let us help you increase your sales to where they can and should be.

  • Do your technicians and staff feel afraid, or well-informed and at ease, when answering questions clients ask related to your spa treatments or products?

    Technicians are the front line in sales. They must feel well-informed to perform well in the process of selling while in the treatment room. Sales staff will be more likely to approach or help a customer if they are confident in their knowledge about the products and treatments you offer.

    Knowledge is the best defense against fear. We can provide your technicians and staff with the product and service information they need to feel well-informed and comfortable when interacting with your clients. This will not only enhance the image of your business, but should result in an increase of your bottom line.

  • Does your current supplier of exotic products or treatments educate you about the uniqueness and story behind the products?

    We can look at your current products and/or spa treatment services, and customize targeted sales enhancement education around them.

    The sales enhancement education will include what the ingredients are believed to do, how the products are interrelated, any indigenous history, what ancient stories or folklore they are associated with, and much more.

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