Get Results!

These very unique, unusual, and exotic ultra micro-intensive facial mask treatments have the ability to give you immediate visible and therapeutic results. After just 1-2 treatments, many have seen and felt these results:

skin feels calm and noticably less irritated
blemishes and redness diminish significantly
black/whiteheads diminish significantly
clogged/large pores appear much smaller and cleaner
skin feels soft and silky smooth
skin feels toned
discoloration appears to diminish
skin feels clean and purified
skin has a clear and youthful glow
makeup goes on more smoothly
problems resulting from shaving diminish
continued use maintains healthy looking skin

New and Improved Pharmaceutical Vial Packaging!

Everything you need for a fast, easy, and micro-intensive treatment.

Treatment Kits Include:
14 pre-dosed treatment mini vials.
* Online only - purchases include pharmaceutical measure/mixing container,
mixing spatula, facial sponge, and headband.

purified - green

oily-normal, blemished, clogged/large pores
dull, discoloration, uneven texture
waxy/flaky, troubled skin

purified - pink

oily, blemished, clogged/large pores,
discoloration, uneven texture,
waxy/flaky, troubled skin



all skin types, especially mature/dry/sensitive,
uneven texture, discoloration, dull,
clogged/large pores, blemished/troubled skin


purified - men

all except very sensitive, blemished
clogged/large pores, shaving irritation,
flakiness, troubled skin

*top pick*

gentle calm

all skin types especially very sensitive,
blemished, irritated, dull

purified - lightener

all except very sensitive
discoloration, uneven skin tone,
uneven texture, gentle exfoliation


luscious creams peel

all especially sensitive/dry,
general skin/complexion problems, sun-damaged,
uneven texture/skin tone, dull

indonesian escape

all skin types, sensitive dry or mature skin
soothing, smooothing


all skin types, smoothes, softens,
purifies, rejuvenates

chinese wild sea pearl

all skin types, dull, aging, blemished
uneven texture, discoloration

pumpkin resurface

all except extremely sensitive/dry,
blemished, sun-damaged, aging, dull


sensitive, dry or mature skin
hydrating, soothing, smooothing, refreshing

three tea infusion

all skin types especially aging,
dull, blemished, irritated, sun-damaged

japanese traditions

all skin types especially mature,
rough, dull, discoloration, blemishes

rooibos hydration

all types especially sensitive, dry,
sun-damaged, dull, mature, blemished

active manuka

all especially dry or mature skin,
dull, blemished, uneven texture, irritated

black mud w/greens

all skin types especially mature,
clogged pores, dull, toning

all non-oily skin, especially good for dry,
moisturizing, softening, nourishing

purity from the amazon
coming soon

Our Trade Secret Blends
Three years of research, sourcing the world for the finest ingredients, and formulating products for visible results, has produced our trade secret treatment powder blends. Each micro-intensive blend contains multiple special clays, botanicals, nutrients, and skin resurfacing ingredients from native and exotic countries around the world.

Product ingredients are organic whenever possible, otherwise they are the finest and purest quality available.

Our special clay blends are formulated from a selection of over 30 different clays sourced from Australia, China, Thailand, Italy, Brazil, France, Greece, Africa, Hawaii, and many other exotic places. Each individual clay blend is a combination of specific clays ideal for a particular skin type and desired treatment result.

For the ultimate in convenience, each highly concentrated treatment is packaged in individual pharmaceutical mini vials. This delivery system provides you with intensive pre-dosed treatments and fresh ingredients. As a result, there is no need for preservatives, fillers, or concern about bio-active potency degradation due to prolonged contact with liquid.

** With each micro-intensive treatment, you will only receive pure ingredients at therapeutically effective levels.

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